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Trans Atlantic Holdings provide wide variety of products and services to its customers keeping the sustainable development as it's key priority of existence.

Remote Monitoring Solutions 

The TAH700 series provides a convenient means of remotely monitoring devices, machines, or systems. 

Such as security systems, emergency power systems, air conditioning, ventilation, power distribution, control system, transfer switches, or any other custom made system with sensors and output controls.

MODBUS enabled devices can be directly connected through the same protocol to a remote monitoring device. Users can access the remote monitoring device from any PC or Mac or any other web-enabled smart device through a web browser or TAH EYE monitoring application.  

TAH Smart Space ® |
Home Automation

It's the tool that allows us to control systems, devices, and automation to increase the domestic space's living and comfort quality. It will also help you in many ways to manage and improve the convenience of controlling your business place, office, hotel, or any other living space.

Quality of the home automation system is not measured by the amount of high technology it contains, but the way the technology integration is projected and how these technologies can satisfy the continually evolving individual's needs. 

Our system allows the users to automate their living space without adding any additional cost of changing the existing wiring configurations; therefore, it is very convenient for existing houses same way as new constructions. The system we use does not limit our customers to expensive proprietary products and services; it can control any device with WIFI, IR, or RF. This system is giving very convenient, simple, but effective interfacing with any said device.  

Road Signs & Safety Products  

We are providing all kind of signboards suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions in any application and expressway and highway-related safety products, 

including Traffic Lights, Traffic Control Modules and Monitoring stations, toll gates and access controls, Electronic toll controls, Safety Fence, Gard Rails, Warning Lamps, Solar Warning Signals, Driveway Signal Lights, Traffic Countdown Timers, etc.
We are also providing automated maintenance management systems to Change the traditional operation and maintenance mode, realize the automatic management flow of application release, and inspect the system. 

Metal and Insulation Materials     

We are providing high-quality raw materials for Steel Fabrications and products. This includes the full range of Galvanized Iron, Black Iron, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes and box bars, and other metal sections such as Angle iron and Flat iron H beams, I beams, etc. 

In the sheet metal section, we have 0.4mm to 20mm metal sheets made with Mild Steel, Galvanize Steel, Galvalume GL, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. Metal sheets can be provided in the form of Sheets and Coils.

Also, we provide all kinds of heat insulation materials such as Rockwool, Glasswool, and Other Foam Products. 

Sheet Metal Processing

We are providing NC and CNC Control Hydraulic Shearing, Bending Machines, Rolling Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, and Hydraulic Pressing Machines

H-frame deep drawing, Open back fixed bed, and high precision power press Hydraulic pressing machines are entirely custom made according to the customer requirement, and other machines can take standard dimensions.

Agricultural Tools & Machines  

We are providing tools, equipment, and machineries related to the agricultural sector. ICG70.1 is a garden irrigation controller manufactured by TAH.

manufactured with high quality and very durable materials to withstand any harsh environmental condition as an outdoor unit.
Also, provide may IOT base smart technologies to reduce the labor intensity in the agricultural sector. 

Noise and Vibration Controls   

We provide professional services on industrial noise control, which includes sound planning inside the buildings, within premises, or environmental sound.

We do the calculation to design the sound mitigation techniques and layout planning to place the noise sources at the right place to meet any regulatory body's environmental regulations. Also, we provide all kinds of vibration isolation solutions with custom-designed vibration mounts, vibration isolation concrete foundations, or any other vibration isolation techniques based on the calculation and the suitability for the application.


Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Services as consultation in the field of Mechanical, Electrical or Civil engineering, investigation, evaluation, planning and design of engineering works and systems

Noice and Vibration Designs

Professional services on industrial noise control, which includes sound planning inside the buildings, within premises, or environmental sound. 

Mechanical and Electrical Installations

Our professional technical teams will carry out the following installation with guidance from industrial engineering experts in the relevant field.

Civil Engineering Services

Our Civil Engineering services are not limited to construction only but extended the services to maintenance, design too. Construction of any infrastructure will be undertaken with the following functions.

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