Acoustic barriers 

Residential Sound Barrier   

reduce the noise of people's living places. Most of the places where people live are close to highways, and people's residential quarter’s need a quiet living environment, but noise problems such as traffic flow have always been a drawback of reducing the environmental quality of residential areas, so the community's sound barriers have arisen at the historic moment.             

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Sound barriers for Cooling tower & Air conditioning units

The sound barrier is based on the upright sound barrier. The upper part of the sound barrier is folded in the direction of the road, and the angle is less than 45 degrees. The side facing the road is usually made of sound-absorbing surface. The support of the sound barrier is mostly made of h-shaped steel. This sound barrier can increase the sound path difference and improve the noise reduction effect, but the materials have certain requirements and high construction technology. In order to reduce the wind load and make the sound barrier safe, the sound barrier of the air-conditioning unit generally selects a sound barrier larger than 5m to use a corner-type sound barrier.

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Exhaust or air flow silencing 

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Fully enclosed sound barrier

Overall arc sound barrier - arc sound barrier there are a lot of different classification, which is an overall arc sound barrier inside these categories, then combine this situation now, when designed primarily for such products is to Different uses, because in many occasions, it is necessary to use a completely closed type, and if the closed type does not use an arc, it is really a waste of material, and it will have a certain effect on the reflection and isolation of the sound. Influence, so now use this overall arc design, then cater to the needs of the highway, factory and office area, the key is that this product design can achieve good aesthetics, many people are very obvious after seeing like.  

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Acoustic doors and louvers 

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Highway and Bridge sound barrier

The sound barrier is mainly composed of a steel structure pillar and a sound-absorbing sound insulation panel. The pillar is the main force-bearing component of the sound barrier. It is fixed on the road crash wall or the embedded steel plate next to the track by bolts or welding; sound insulation The board is the main sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing member, and it is fixed in the H-shaped column groove by a high-strength spring clip to form a sound barrier

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Factory sound barrier

In real life, noise affects our physical health. The factory sound insulation wall produced by our sound insulation wall factory can isolate or reduce noise and beautify the environment. The factory sound insulation wall has a long service life and good sound absorption and is beautiful and generous, in harmony with the factory environment.

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Microporous sound barrier

Microporous sound barrier sound absorption principle: The screen body uses galvanized sheet and aluminum plate. This panel is covered with small holes. When the sound wave hits the sound barrier, it will sink into the hole, and there is a thick layer in the middle of the plate. The sound-absorbing cotton is not comfortable to come out when the noise is trapped inside. The sound-absorbing cotton is coated with alkali-free water-repellent glass cloth

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Combined sound barrier

The combined transparent sound barrier is made of transparent glass in the middle, so it plays a role in sound insulation and does not affect the lighting, killing two birds with one stone. This type of sound barrier is simple to install and quick to construct, and has been praised by many customers.

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Louver sound barrier

The sound barrier of metal louver also becomes the sound barrier of louver: The louver hole in the panel body of the screen body, when the sound wave hits the sound barrier, it will sink into the hole, and in the middle of the plate is a thick layer of sound-absorbing cotton. It is easy to come out. The sound-absorbing cotton is covered with alkali-free water-repellent glass cloth. This type of louver design fully considers waterproof and dustproof. Its angle is set to 45 degrees. The sound absorption is not affected in dust or rain. The structure has been set for drainage. Measures to avoid water accumulation inside the component. The surface of the screen body can be sprayed with plastic, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

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High-speed rail sound barrier

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