Remote Monitoring Solutions

The TAH700 series provides a convenient means of remotely monitoring any device, machine or system, for example, security systems, emergency power systems, air conditioning and ventilation, power distribution and control system, transfer switches, or any other custom made system with sensors and output controls.

MODBUS enabled devices can be directly connected through the same protocol to a remote monitoring device. Users can access the remote monitoring device from any PC or Mac computer or another web-enabled smart device through a web browser; no additional software is required. 

Multiple users can monitor the power system equipment simultaneously. TAH700 series users can monitor their system or device from anywhere at any time. Expandable I/O modules can provide additional monitoring and control capabilities based on customer-specific requirements.  


  • Data Logs - TAH700 in detailed device data such as alarm status, temperature, pressure, current, airflow voltage, or any other digital or analog parameter. The user can log the data on a cloud service. 
  • Event Logs - TAH700 stores system and device events, which include faults and warnings triggered on monitoring devices, a user can export event logs.
  • Reports - Users can create and view device reports containing selected parameters over a specified time duration. With the TAH700, a user can export these customized reports.
  • Diagnostics - Users can remotely diagnose devise status through specific Input-output or Modbus communication, wireless status, and system performance data.
  • Security - TAH700 has enhanced security with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. The system is also username and password protected. Users are assigned one of three access levels—Administrator, Operator, Read-Only—providing various operation and functionality at each access level

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